As more pressure and the shift in consciousness occurs in the world in 2017, are you attracting good or bad luck?

Some are really struggling more and seem to be attracting more disasters in life and business without knowing what to do about it.

My core belief is that we create our own luck. Is it Karma, or our unconscious programming? Well both I suggest but the only one of the two I can easily explain is the second, our unconscious programming creates our luck. This programming helps to create the events we attract in our life. For example, our conscious mind is between 4-10% of our capacity, with between 90-96% of our power in our unconscious mind. Yet our school system does not teach us the important facts about how our unconscious stuff creates our luck!

In the following blog post on my personal blog I share a true story about a client who attracts bad luck. This is based on the belief that success is not an accident because challenges are simply the feedback necessary to change and look at the learning from this occurrence. The head will always want to judge such events as bad, yet if we are fully present and follow our other intelligence, then we build a knowing, a self-trust which is an indescribable calm which we cannot analysis or conceptualise in the head. This is emotional fitness and the important feelings of inner-flow, inner trust.

See below link or click here to read the full post on what creates our good and bad luck.