Inner Freedom and Growth

How do you feel if you are constipated for 3 days?

Not great if we carry around this unneeded baggage. Let’s call it excrement and when we let go of it we feel great afterwards. Lighter having released the toxins.

So while we are talking about the physical stuff, we also have emotional shit.

And it feels good to release both physical and emotional shit, yet society does not teach us how to deshit emotionally.

Over time if we don’t let out this shit then it is shown up as tight muscles,  physical aimemets and disease.

True freedom results from being able to release our shit to feel and express all emotions. The tools to let go of suppressed negative emotions. This leads to improved Emotional Fitness which is a significant influence in creating the events that occur in life, as our emotions and emotional programming are a major influence in creating the thoughts we think.

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Emotional Fitness Outcomes

 Good Emotional Fitness is the natural flow of desires, spontaneously becoming reality, which is also known as “flow.” Often our emotions move between being blocked in fear and the much more desired peak-performance state of “flow.”

By comparison, an average person is more likely to be in a state of fear, rather than “flow.” Fear is when our “stuff” gets in the road, often unconscious self-sabotage blocks us from achieving our true desires. This could be a high percentage of the population, which we could say are emotionally unfit. This is often shown as repeat non-desired patterns occurring in life and business, shown in relationships, financial situations, or in sport under pressure.

Our level of Emotional Fitness determines our mental state, our mindset due to our emotional “stuff” which for most people is unconscious, having a significant influence on determining our feelings which in turn create our thoughts and mental activity.