Emotional Fitness is like a muscle.

If we don’t use a muscle, then we don’t have the benefit if its full capacity and range of movement.”

~ Robert C. Robertson 

It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Cat Collucio in her Podcast guests. Cat starts by introducing Robert C Robertson is an Entrepreneur, Speaker and Productivity Expert specialising in Emotional Fitness and Technology, and how these can combine to create time freedom, resilience and inner trust.

The interview looks at how to understand emotions, boost self-esteem, and inner trust for a more organic free flow of success. See a full copy of the video interview embedded below.

As well as looking at the difference between how men and women’s express emotions.

You can discover more about Robert C Robertson and also listen and subscribe to the Rocking Midlife Podcast and be encouraged to ROCK your midlife years. 

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Rocking Midlife with Rob Robertson·Jul 2020·Rocking Midlife®- the Podcast